The Jerusalem Foundation has been working on behalf of Jerusalem and its residents for more than 45 years leaving our imprint on thousands of projects, many of which are some of the city's best known landmarks.  We envision a Jerusalem that is pluralistic, vibrant, modern and economically flourishing.

Our mission is to look beyond its daily complexities, identify its ever-changing needs, devise solutions to address them and improve the quality of life of its residents.

To accomplish our mission, we focus on Community, Culture and Coexistence.

Our community-based programming bridges gaps in education, economic independence, community empowerment and access to services.

Coexistence programming improves the quality of social relationships among the diverse populations in the city.

Culture is a catalyst for improving the quality of life in any major city and we nuture Jerusalem-based artists, make culture accessible to a wide variety of audiences and support projects that impact the image of the city.